Pro Quality Song Mastering

Have you been trying to master your own songs and are having trouble doing it? Are you getting frustrated because you can't seem to get it right and it's taking far too much time? Believe me, I've been there and I know how that goes.

Thankfully, you've come to the right place.

I will master your song for $25 and provide you with not only a 16-bit .wav for your CD, but with TWO different MP3s at different bitrates (because some websites like ReverbNation cap your storage space, so you'll need a smaller file in some cases).

Don't let lack of funds or capability hold you back from having something to show. Give this a shot today.

If you're not satisfied, you don't owe me a thing!

I would simply require:

  1. Song in 24 Bit 41000 sample rate .wav file
  2. Peak between -4 to -6 db for headroom
  3. What intensity you require for the master (ie: soft vs. loud)
  4. The balance - ie: do you want it warm, balanced, or more on the bright side?
  5. Reference track(s) (.wav is best)

If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask. I'll be happy to answer.

Comparison videos/tracks coming soon! Samples to the left.

Compare Options
  • One Song
  • $25
    per Song
  • Mastering of one song
  • High Quality 16-Bit Wave output (for CD)
  • Two MP3s at different sizes (for sites)
  • 2 Day Delivery
  • 3 Revisions
  • 5 Songs
  • $100
    per Up To 5 Songs
  • Mastering of up to 5 songs (for EP)
  • High Quality 16-Bit Wave output (for CD)
  • Two MP3s at different sizes (for sites)
  • 3 Day Delivery
  • 3 Revisions
  • Savings of up to $25

Frequently Asked Questions

This gig is best for artists with small budgets who want their music to be able to compete in the digital marketplace, (like YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud). It's also for artists who are putting together full albums on physical CDs and other media.

I can yes! Please see the options for the gig.

The louder a song is (the more it's compressed) the less dynamics exist. Over time, that kind of thing can actually tire your listener. I recommend an "as loud as possible" approach that still considers "dynamics" as a key important part. If you want, I'll push it, but loudness isn't end all be all.

Mix requirements are pretty much industry standard. I'm happy to work with what you have, but please be aware that a lower-quality mix, or file output, could have a detrimental effect on the final mastered product. I will do the best I can, and as noted, if you're not satisfied, your money back!

No problem! Just send me an email in the Contact Us box.