Ender Bowen


After recording and releasing several of his own home-made albums throughout the 2000's, Ender Bowen made his way to Nashville from Northern NY, eventually meeting up with Emily Steele to co-found Joint Custody Productions. He has since helped create the comedy troupe Common Sense for Dummys, started and ended his own comedy podcast called Gracie Sez Hai, co-created and co-hosted the podcast Topical Vacation with Steele, and has released more music (with more on the way). Ender is also working on the development of his science fiction epic Dreadwind. For more, check out Ender Bowen's Official Website!

Emily Steele


Emily Steele is one of the co-founders of Joint Custody Productions. Originally from Syracuse, NY, Steele moved to Nashville in 2004, where she soon found herself taking part in plays with the White House Players. The "acting bug" firmly in place, Emily penned her own play, (still in development stages), and helped create the comedy troupe Common Sense for Dummys, of which she is a member. As JCP continues to grow, Steele has written and edited for Dreamrow Magazine, has created her own pop culture satire blog Can't Argue With That, and co-hosts the podcast Topical Vacation with Ender Bowen! Check out Emily's Official Website for more!