A movie making guide for small production studios, based on experiences from Joint Custody Productions’ projects.

Field Recording

The Tascam DR680 – it gives great audio, never overheats and is simply easy to use.

Behold! The MXL 990 Microphone

A review of the MXL 990 Microphone – cheap, efficient, and does practically everything you would need it to do, with great sound as a result.

Be a “Rebel”: Canon EOS Rebel T2i

A review of the Canon T2i – a great camera with very few major limitations when you’re on a small budget and want something that looks good!

The Zoom H4n is Awesome!

We give the Zoom H4n an 8 out of 10, mainly because we never score anything a 10, and we still haven’t discovered all it can do! It’s nonetheless highly recommended! You won’t be disappointed!