Joint Custody Productions LLC, (as well as its divisions including Joint Custody Hearings and Joint Custody Writes) specializes in the creation and development of various entertainment properties, including TV, movies, comic books, novels, plays and musicals, music recordings, internet-specific media and other as-yet undetermined avenues.

The company also develops and produces professional-style television commercials, promotional website videos, actor reels, indie music videos, and Wordpress websites, all at affordable and competitive rates.

Created in 2008 and made official in the summer of 2009, Joint Custody Productions LLC is owned and operated by Ender Bowen and Emily Steele, natives of upstate New York who now reside in Hendersonville, Tennessee. As such, operations are based in and around Nashville, Tennessee.

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History of Joint Custody Productions LLC


Fall - Initial Discussions

Signed entertainment artists Ender Bowen and Emily Steele, discovering that they could better serve themselves and others by forming their own company, ask for their releases and begin the initial planning stages.


April - Common Sense for Dummys

Common Sense for Dummys, a comedy troupe formed by Joint Custody Productions and Red Parasol Entertainment, performs its first live show.


July - Joint Custody Productions is Launched

Joint Custody Productions launches as a DBA - primarily as an entertainment production studio - with a launch party in Antioch, TN. As part of the company's launch, podcasts "Gracie Sez Hai" and "The PRODcast" premiere.


Fall - First Label Releases

Ender Bowen releases Lemonymous: Special Edition - a remastered version of his 2005 album and, later, 2-song single package "The Patient". Both are the first releases from Joint Custody Hearings, the company's music label division.


November - "The Patient" Music Video

Ender Bowen releases his first music video, shot on a Canon SD camcorder. It is the first video technically ever produced by Joint Custody Productions, and enjoys heavy rotation on the local NECAT station.


Winter - Superstitious

Ender Bowen directs another music video, this one for The Tokyo Pop Stars "Superstitious". Though still only shot on SD, it is the first video ever done for Client.


Winter - Common Sense for Dummys Filming

Common Sense for Dummys begins filming sketches and other parts for what they intend to be a pilot and several other short episodes of a sketch comedy series.


Fall - Ender Bowen's Deadweight Destiny

Ender Bowen releases his next four-song EP "Deadweight Destiny".


January - Topical Vacation Premieres

Joint Custody Productions launches "Topical Vacation", a comedy podcast featuring hosts Ender Bowen and Emily Steele.


March - Common Sense for Dummys Pilot Premieres

Comedy troupe Common Sense for Dummys holds a premiere party for its pilot, filmed over the past year in and around the Nashville area.


May - Upgrade to LLC

Joint Custody Productions becomes an LLC, and quickly begins to develop services for hire, including television commercials and other videos.


July - Gracie Sez Hai on Hiatus

After roughly two years, the Gracie Sez Hai podcast is put on indefinite hiatus as Joint Custody Productions LLC focuses on other ventures.


October - Common Sense for Dummys Pilot DVD Released

Common Sense for Dummys releases its pilot on DVD.


April - Move to Hendersonville

Joint Custody Productions LLC moves from the Antioch area to Hendersonville, TN.


June - Season One of Common Sense for Dummys

Season One of Common Sense for Dummys' sketch comedy show goes online on YouTube.


August - First Promotional Website Video

In keeping with the company's new direction, Joint Custody Productions, along with Filmerica, shoots its first Promotional Website Video for Studio Goddess pole fitness studio.


May - First Television Commercial

The company produces its first television commercial for the Rich Lee Team.


August - Joining the Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce

Joint Custody Productions joins the Hendersonville, TN Chamber of Commerce.


December - Steele and Bowen Release New Music

Ender Bowen releases his next 4-song EP "Believe", while Emily Steele releases her first single "The Man In My Life".


March - Ender Bowen Releases New Album

Ender Bowen releases his first compilation album "Middle Aegis", collecting all of his work from 2009 through 2013 and including a never-before-released track "My My".


April - Topical Vacation on Hiatus

After more than three years, Topical Vacation is put on hiatus while Joint Custody Productions focuses on other interests.


July - 48 Hour Film Festival Nashville

Emily Steele spearheads JCP's first entry into the Nashville 48 Hour Film Festival with Left Brain Digital Productions. Together, their short film "Lily" wins 5 awards!