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Read more +26 July 2017 By Joint Custody Productions in Hearings News

“Believe” Is A Finalist At The Miami Beach Film Festival!

Ender Bowen's 2013 song "Believe" has been selected as a Finalist at the Miami Beach Film Festival.
Read more +18 July 2017 By Joint Custody Productions in Writes News

Elrik O’Dune First Book Announcement Teaser

Ender Bowen releases announcement teaser for his 2018 book series Elrik O'Dune, described as "James Bond in a fantasy setting".
Read more +23 November 2014 By Joint Custody Productions in Productions News

JCP Releases Trailer for First Short Film

Joint Custody Productions releases official trailer for its first short film production aimed at Film Festivals throughout 2015.
Joint Custody Productions Services
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The Studio Guide

Field RecordingRead more +12 March 2014 By Ender Bowen in The Studio Guide

Recording In The Field: The Tascam DR680

The Tascam DR680 - it gives great audio, never overheats and is simply easy to use.
Read more +02 August 2013 By Ender Bowen in The Studio Guide

Behold! The MXL 990 Microphone

A review of the MXL 990 Microphone - cheap, efficient, and does practically everything you would need it to do, with great sound as a result.
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Be a “Rebel”: Canon EOS Rebel T2i

A review of the Canon T2i - a great camera with very few major limitations when you're on a small budget and want something that looks good!

The 411

Read more +14 April 2014 By Ender Bowen in The 411

Cadbury Is Easter

Cadbury created something that was immediately - and infinitely - memorable. Not only did it define their brand image, but it practically gave you no choice but to think of them when you thought about Easter candy.
Read more +26 February 2014 By Ender Bowen in The 411

Business Is Your Baby

If your business hasn't gotten up to speed and started looking into video, now is the time. A combination of great video with great SEO-targeted keywords is the best way to get your business seen and clicked.
Read more +10 December 2013 By Ender Bowen in The 411

A Polar Bear Christmas

As a small, local business, you're looking for brand recognition in just a small area. Ideas that may work on a national or world level may not work in a local setting.
Your Business Is Your Baby.